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Superintendent - Shabbir Sakrani
Senior Operator - Vacant
Operator:  Maurice Granger
Operator:  Jeff Nikolejsin
Operator:  Rawn Oliver
Operator:  Parminder Singh

E-mail:            Click here for some helpful hints on how you can conserve water in your household!

WATER QUALITY NOTICE:   This time of year it is normal to notice a change in the taste of your water.  More information is available here

If you have any questions or concerns regarding water quality, please feel free to contact the Water Treatment Plant by phone (306) 848-3284 or by e-mail

2016 Public Water Treatment System Annual Report

2015 Weyburn Water Treatment Plant Annual Report

Weyburn QCAC report

Water Analysis Definitions and Maximums
(ie. calcium, total hardness, aluminum, etc.)

** If you would like to view information regarding:
    Other Communities' Water Quality;
    Facts about water and Legislation;
    Services and programs offered in the province; or
    Any other information about water, click here.


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