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Tatagwa ParkwayTATAGWA PARKWAY consists of 180 acres of land adjacent to the Souris River as it meanders through the City of Weyburn. The land has been developed as an urban conservation park dedicated to the preservation of native flora and fauna. Presently, Tatagwa Parkway consists of two areas -- the Signal Hill Nature Habitat and the Red Coat Nature Habitat, which are protected from vehicle traffic by post and chain fence. A total of 8 kilometers of trails have been developed for walking and biking enjoyment, as well as access roads and parking lots. Picnic tables and park benches have also been placed throughout the Parkway. Two islands were created on the Souris River to protect waterfowl. To date, 175 native plant species have been identified and catalogued, some of these species being quite rare. Thirty-six signs identifying the plant species and wildlife were recently installed along the trails. In addition, 40,000 various caliber trees have been planted in the Parkway. The list goes on, recognizing more than 3,100 hours of volunteer time to make these projects a reality.

Tatagwa is a Cree word meaning "Flat"

 Click here for a map of the Tatagwa Parkway trail system

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